Taboo smashing Preparation H rebrand finds the funny side of haemorrhoids

Haemorrhoid treatment brand Preparation H has already claimed its territory, with the company name being synonymous for addressing issues in... that area. Yet despite this dominance, there's still a lot of stigma about talking about haemorrhoids openly. Enter this fresh and humorous new identity.

Created by global design consultancy Elmwood, this new visual brand expression for Preparation H is geared towards challenging taboos associated with butt health. And with newcomers threatening the brand's position as America's number one choice for haemorrhoid treatment, a series of modern visual sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

But how is a brand that deals with a sensitive subject to tackle these issues? Easy, with humour. Elmwood's unique approach involves "tapping into consumer tensions", and nowhere is that method more clearly seen with this Preparation H identity.

By delicately leaning into the awkwardness with bold colours and messaging that skirts around the issue, Elmwood goes some way to dispelling the associated shame of talking about haemorrhoids.

A series of funny and highly shareable illustrations, animations, and images round off the identity, while the copy is packed with slang rather than medical language.

Think words like 'keister', 'rump' and 'derriere' instead of a host of meaningless medical jargon. The playful confidence is also captured in the quirky and retro typeface, and witty captions such as 'Your butt is behind you no matter what'.

The new brand expression will appear on Preparation H's social media channels and a microsite built by ad agency Grey Group, which also features Elmwood's content. It includes a platform that allows customers to create personalised Valentine's cards for their loved ones. Let's just hope it doesn't strike a bum note with partners who expected flowers and chocolates instead.

Krista Oraa, Elmwood's creative director, said: "Preparation H has a unique place in the market. We knew there was an opportunity to enhance this by creating a brand expression built on humour to challenge the stigma associated with this area of health.

"With the new assets we created, Preparation H now has a reinvigorated brand that builds awareness across a broader demographic and signals change to the consumer."


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