Co-op highlights the importance of community in heartwarming new ads from Lucky Generals

London-based creative agency Lucky Generals has teamed up with supermarket chain Co-op for new TV ads highlighting the importance of purchasing decisions and how they give back to the community.

It's no secret that we're all becoming more conscious consumers. Whether we're keeping a keen eye out for products which contain single-use plastics or making sure that the items in our basket don't break our budget, most people's shopping habits have taken a serious turn.

However, there's a positive side to this trend, and that's the idea that shopping can give back to the community. It's the angle Lucky Generals and Co-op have run with in their latest TV ad, which debuts today.

By using the imagery of Co-op's delicious food range, coupled with people moving upwards, a link is forged between the idea of considerate purchasing and thriving communities. These images include a child lifting a toasted soldier out of an egg, a boiling pot that contains peas rising to the surface, and even a family enjoying some quality baking time with a flurry of flour.

To make sure the work is as authentic and representative of the communities involved as possible, Co-op enlisted the help of The Diversity Standard Collective (DSC). By carefully overseeing the campaign at every stage, from storyboard to script, as well as the locations and the casting process, the DSC ensured that everyone felt that they could see themselves on screen. After all, communities are made up of a diverse range of people.

David Mannall, client partner at Lucky Generals, says: "Now more than ever, people are in need of more support. The campaign breathes life into summer food whilst showing that shopping at Co-op can make a real difference to your community."

Ali Jones, customer and community director at Co-op, adds: "We know that delicious food and drink is at the heart of our summer get-togethers with friends and family. It tastes even better knowing that all our customers can help support community groups and programmes across the UK.

"Local community groups are a vital lifeline to many people, and we're committed to building stronger and more resilient communities. We thank all our members who are helping us raise funds that lift their community."

Viewers can expect the campaign to launch with a 40-second spot on 15 June. Meanwhile, during a Gogglebox ad break, the full 60-second hero version will appear on Friday 17 June. As well as appearing on television, the campaign will be bolstered by print, OOH social and radio, with Kin and Carta producing the digital and web aspects of the work.


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