Flatland - Chronicle of a Bi-dimensional Journey

Flatland - Chronicle of a Bi-dimensional Journey is a project by London-based graphic designer Dario Gracceva. We love the bold colour palette and strong imagery of the first book, juxtaposed with the monochrome simplicity of the second.

"This project functions as both a storyteller, through written language and as a visual narrator. It goes beyond the borders of what is known as storytelling because it challenges the reader to interact between two books that work hand in hand in order to provide a deeper understanding of the abstract, two-dimensional world of Flatland.

"The first book contains the original text, written by Edwin A. Abbott in 1884. Moreover this book provides references that enable the reader to find additional information about the book in the appendix and through links to the other book. This second book takes the reader on a fictional journey through the world of Flatland. The narrator collects impressions and imaginary pictures while reading Abbott’s novel and translates them into a visual language. The book is like a visible poem that intends on one hand to help the reader get an impression of a multidimensional world, and on the other hand leaves room for interpretation."


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