Rollbe Click: a small but perfectly formed measuring tool for designers

All images courtesy of Rollbe Click, via direct submission

All images courtesy of Rollbe Click, via direct submission

The Rollbe Click is an ideal pocket-sized tool for designers that can measure straight lines and curved surfaces by rolling from point to point. It measures in both Metric and Imperial, features a durable black titanium carbo-nitride coating, a visually highlighted ‘start mark’ to help track measurements with ease, and, importantly...a highly satisfying ‘clicking’ sound.

It’s super easy to use – you just place the ‘start mark’ on the starting point of the surface or line that you want to measure, roll and count rotations or measuring units by following the click sound or start mark, then add the remaining units.

There are several versions of the nifty tool. The super-compact designs – 4 inches and 10 cm – are similar to the size of a coin, with specially designed carabiner keychain cases, whilst the larger versions - 8 inches and 20 cm, are still very portable but designed for more professional projects.

You can find out more over at Rollbe's Kickstarter page.