Boost your design career in three easy steps

A Magical Night at the Gallery by Zhang Wangzhe

Are you a designer who wants to bring your creative vision to life without the restraints of client work? Would you love the opportunity for your designs to be seen by millions across the world?

Huawei might have just the thing: it's released a tool where you can create your own 'Themes', including phone and watch wallpapers and fonts for the Huawei Theme Store. It's a chance to sell your art online, getting in front of 100 million users globally.

To get a taste of what being a Huawei Themes designer is about, and potentially win prizes totalling $300,000 and more, all you have to do is enter Huawei's 2020 design competition today.

The brief is 'Visionary Art', and you can submit an original design in any or all three of the categories: Themes, Wallpapers, and Watch Faces. The deadline is 1 July 2020 – register here to get started. And then wait for your brilliant work to be judged by a panel of renowned designers. Check out the brilliant work below for inspiration – featured designers include Zhang Wangzhe, Li Min, and Eero Lampinen.

Guest designers such as Eero Lampinen have crafted their own visionary designs to inspire yours

Guest designers such as Eero Lampinen have crafted their own visionary designs to inspire yours

Cherry Blossoms at Yellow Crane Tower by Li Min

Cherry Blossoms at Yellow Crane Tower by Li Min

Meanwhile, if you want to become a certified Huawei Themes designer, you can do so by following these three simple steps:

1. Design your Theme using Huawei's Theme Template

Here you can experiment to your heart's content, trying out different backgrounds, lock screens, text styles, icons and more. You can make it completely your own.

2. Use Huawei's Theme Tool to combine all created assets into a Theme package

Once you're happy with all the different elements, you can use its tool Themes Studio for packaging them up into a coherent Theme or Wallpaper and test how it appears on the device.

3. Last but not least, add your new Theme to the store

Upload your Theme package to Huawei's Themes Store via Huawei Developer Alliance.

The Themes Store is a pre-installed app that offers personalised themes, text styles and wallpapers to all Huawei device users. Each designer has its own page dedicated only to his works.

And voila… It is that simple to collaborate with Huawei and create your very own Themes for a worldwide audience to view and use.

Here are some useful links, including step-by-step guides and videos to find out more about creating your own Huawei Themes, wallpapers or watch faces. And watch the video below to find out more.

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