10 of the latest gadgets for photography lovers

Let's be honest. Who doesn't love photography, or something new to play with? Being something of an "amateur" photographer myself, I'm always on the hunt for new toys and gadgets to satisfy my creativity. As spring really does start to warm things up, the following products are coming off my wish list and into my shopping trolley. Whether you're a fan of good old analogue, prefer digital or just love using your camera phone, these gizmos are highly recommended.

1. Lomo’instant Automat South Beach Edition

One of Lomography's proudest moments last year was the successful Kickstarter campaign for refashioning and revolutionising instant photography – encouraging more people to embrace an analogue world. The Lomo'Instant Automat was designed to be the ultimate instant camera; for easy use, widened creative options and intuitive handiwork, and this version – the South Beach – is dripping in vintage style and elegance. Nice.

Priced at £179 | Buy the product

2. Moment iPhone 7 Camera Cases

Moment is a camera case for your iPhone 7, which allows you to swap lenses in just seconds and ensure your battery remains topped up for longer. Compatible with all Moment lenses, you also get a DSLR-like shutter button, which means you'll no longer capture the shake of your hands.

Priced at $25 | Buy the product

3. Podo Camera

Stick Podo anywhere for the perfect hands-free shot, every time. Shoot photo, video, time-lapse and much more. Control up to six Podos simultaneously via wireless control with your phone and Bluetooth technology. With its micro-adhesive pad you'll be able to stick Podo to any solid surface. Comes with 8 GB memory and 90 degree wide-angle lens.

Priced at $59 | Buy the product

4. Matador Camera Base Layer

This Matador Camera Base Layer is adaptive camera protection for any active photographer. With a down padded technical shell and integrated rain fly, it'll protect your precious camera from scrapes, bumps and weather during your adventures.

Priced at $59.99 | Buy the product

5. YoCam Waterproof Life Camera by Mofily

A charming little companion, the YoCam allows you to record your adventures from anywhere in the world. Waterproof and compact, it can handle 20 feet of water and is equipped with P2P connection capabilities so you can connect from anywhere in the world to upload and share your images and videos.

Priced at £179.99 | Buy the product

6. Lightcase #Flatlay

If you're a maker or seller and you're always on Instagram, and need something to help you shoot perfect product shots for your feed, then the Lightcase #Flatlay is a super simple way to create affordable, yet professional imagery. Made from 100% recyclable materials, it can also accommodate a paper backdrop for front angle shooting.

Priced at £49 | Buy the product

7. Mettle Speed Strap

Love cycling and photography? Want to easily capture your next Sunday ride or epic adventure in the Alps? The Mettle Speed Strap will allow you to secure your camera to yourself, without any fuss or bother. It's a one size fits all solution with an adjustable closure. Available in various colours.

Priced at $82 | Buy the product

8. Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

Print photographs straight from your smartphone with the Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer. All you have to do is download the Polaroid ZIP app to edit and personalise photos with emojis, drawings, doodles and much more, before printing your pics with the simple push of a button. You can even share secret messages through personalised QR codes.

Priced at £99.99 | Buy the product

9. KICK Pocket Lighting Studio

Another superb tool for smartphone photographers, the KICK Pocket Lighting Studio gives you an extra boost of light when you need it. Ultra compact and lightweight, it has an adjustable brightness and colour temperature, as well as animated light and built-in video effects. An epic choice to enhance your photography. Oh, and it can be handheld or mounted on a tripod too. Boom!

Priced at $179 | Buy the product

10. GoWorx FreeRide Phone Mount

Fresh off the GoWorx design table is the FreeRide Phone Mount which transforms your smartphone into an infinitely versatile and mountable camera, capable of shooting time-lapse photos, steady video, unique perspectives and anything else your creativity conjures up. Mount your phone to just about anything and capture quality moments.

Priced at $24.99 | Buy the product

Special thanks to The Gadget Flow and Amazon for some awesome inspiration.