Urban Geometry: Patterns in steel, stone, concrete and glass are celebrated in monochrome series

If there's one thing that living in cities has taught me (London and Manchester, if you're interested), it's that all the best things are reserved for above eye-level. I guarantee that by averting ones gaze upwards, regardless of the city, whole new experiences can be tapped into thanks to the wealth of beautiful architecture on offer.

London-based photographer Charles Brabin also shares this view. Working in digital format, mainly in black and white, his focus is on urban and industrial scenes as well as landscapes and the natural world. In his work he attempts to combine an attraction to patterns, contrasts and textures with the unique view on the world which the camera offers.

For this particular project, Brabin explains: "The built environment is replete with repeating motifs, lines, contrasts, and textures; patterns are everywhere, set in steel, stone, concrete and glass.

"For me, these patterns provide an endless source of inspiration, ever-present, yet always different, changing with the conditions, patiently waiting to be found and, in some cases, perhaps never noticed before.

"Working in black and white, in this project I have focussed on these elements of our surroundings to try to bring out the intrinsic, almost mathematical, beauty of the urban world." Discover more at charlesbrabin.com.