Tim Flach

Bringing the viewer into close proximity with their animal subjects, painstakingly lit, carefully cropped for maximum graphic impact and animated by telling gestures, Tim Flach’s photographs place us in an intimate relationship with the protagonist. These are far removed from wildlife photography's documentary images of animals observed in their natural habitat. Drawn from different animal species, Tim brings his subjects into such close focus that we begin to read their poses and gestures as we would the body language of a human figure, face or hand.

Tim photographs the character of an animal - not just its form. The composition, angle of view, cropping and framing may be preconceived. A salient feature of Tim’s work is that he seeks out the added resonance of visual ambiguity in framing his subjects, provoking the viewer with unexpected angles and extremely graphic cropping of the image that open up further lines of inquiry.

Tim is an internationally acclaimed photographer and international award winner who has shot print campaigns for the world’s most prestigious brands. His most recent book ‘More Than Human’ was published in 2013 and is an international bestseller.

Tim Flach is represented by The Peter Bailey Company in the UK. More of his work can be seen at his website.