The Guardians by Vladimir Antaki

The Guardians was born from Vladimir Antaki's desire to document and pay tribute to the "guardians of urban temples" that we meet everyday without really noticing. His approach is spontaneity, to enter places that are strongly visually attractive and meet those who inhabit these places for work. "I like to see every city as a maze in which I enjoy getting lost and finding these treasures."

The images include 'Guardians' from nine cities (Montreal, New York, Las Vegas, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Beirut), and these images are only a selection of the 250 Guardians photographed. Each photograph is taken on the first encounter with the Guardian, and Antaki normally leaves a small gift, an anecdote or a portrait behind. He explains, "I'm interested in the relationship between the environment and the attitude of the Guardians, how they position themselves in space. I become the director of their universe. I show them their day to day life through my eye and my camera."

To see more of Antaki's work, visit his portfolio on Behance.