The fascinating everyday lives of two catholic nuns, living in Scotland

Scottish photographer Craig Buchan is the person behind Commitment, an ongoing project showcasing the everyday lives of two Poor Clare nuns that live in East Lothian, Scotland.

The pair are members of a contemplative Order of Nuns in the Catholic Church and live in a remote monastery where their lives are centred around prayer. The original community was founded in Edinburgh in 1895 and there have been Poor Clares just like them ever since.

Because their home is small and simple, their life is humble and revolves around taking care of the community and its upkeep. “A vocation to be a nun comes from God’s free choice of certain individuals; commitment comes from our free choice to cooperate with the graces received with His call and is the fruit of our loving self-surrender to God.”

Buchan's series offers an fascinating insight into an alternative life chosen by women who are one hundred percent dedicated to their faith. Discover more on his website: