The beauty and torment of youth and adolescence by photographer Isabel Magowan

When you think back to your own childhood and adolescence what was your experience? For most of us, it was a confusing time as we struggled to understand who we are and what we want out of life. For New York-based photographer, video and installation artist Isabel Magowan, hers was defined by her commitment to ballet and a goal of becoming a professional ballerina – but something that she left behind by the time she reached her seventeenth birthday, opting instead for an existence surrounded by photography and film.

In her series Cygnets, she explores the torment, pressures and drama of adolescence, capturing beautifully operatic portraits of youngsters who are also struggling to define themselves in an adult world. As you browse through this staged yet tender range of portraits you'll notice it's performance, theatrics, perceived concepts of success, social expectations and failure, that inform most of Magowan's work.

Magowan received a BA in History from Wesleyan University, where during her junior year, she took a photography class and realised the camera’s potential to communicate the dizzying experience of being oneself. Magowan is a 2015 MFA graduate of the Yale School of Art and is currently based in New York.

Via Feature Shoot