That Californian charm eats up this re-branded restaurant

It's not often I get a friendly email from California! That isn't because Californian people aren't friendly, you understand. It's just that my blog has always had a UK focus, and it's very rare that I get contacted by people from the States. When I do, I'm happy. This means my little blog is spreading. In fact, Bex Brands is just one of many international people to get in touch lately. And they sent me their latest project - the branding of Burlap, a Californian restaurant in Del Mar, which included business cards, gift certificates, event invitations and window displays.

Becky Nelson from Bex Brands said: "Creating collateral for Burlap was a blast! These high-energy clients were up for anything as long as it was easy to use. The dramatic and proud attitude of the interior and the logo we created told us their business cards and their menus needed to be big. We found some great stock imagery of Asian art and a Western-style postage stamp that somehow had a related line quality, and when the two were spliced together, a story was created. Each execution, from dinner menu to business card to dessert menu has a unique way of blending the two pieces of art, but the core remains Asian Cowboy, which is how the restaurant is described to those who have never visited." Lovely. Find out more: