Tens of people comically squeezed into cars to explore Los Angeles’ car culture

As a city known for its car culture, photographer Yann Rabanier, director and videographer Romain Dussaulx, and architect Thomas Cestia headed to Los Angeles for their ‘Cars and Bodies’ project. With very few pedestrians or bikes, and an unreliable public transport system, the trio decided to create a series to comment on society’s dependence on cars.

The artists exaggerate the idea of ‘car culture’ by cramming as many friends and acquaintances as possible into one car. Choosing different cars and different locations the group had a bit of fun with the project. It even took several hours to fit everyone in and arrange the limbs on certain occasions. Yet as the photos show, there was often a comical tangle of limbs with hands, legs and feet squashed up against or poking out of windows.

“Most of the people in the cars didn’t know each other when we started but they definitely felt close after the shoot,” Dussaulx said. “I’m pretty sure that a lot of those people are now friends.”

Via Feature Shoot