Tea Friend: Teapots and cups inspired by hedgehogs, squirrels & woodland creatures

In her unusual yet beautiful series Tea Friend, Malaysian artist and designer Purple Ling crafts ceramic teapots and teacups inspired by hedgehogs, squirrels and other woodland animals. With the creatures woven into the clay, each object has its own personality and story.

She even designed the logotype for her collection, which she bases on the culture of drinking tea in China, known as 'Tea-Sip', which traditionally brings friendship and warmth.

Speaking of her 'Hedgehog' teapots, she said: "In winter, two hedgehogs feel cold and huddle up together in a cave. To warm each other, they embrace each other. Since both have spines, they feel so uncomfortable. They separate, feel cold, and hold together again and again. Eventually, they reach a suitable position that they can warm each other without being stabbed."

Via Behance | All images courtesy of Purple Ling