Surreal Nietzsche-inspired collages drip faces and flowers

The newest works by German artist Pierre Schmidt (aka ‘Drømsjel’) are partly inspired by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Using collage and illustration techniques, Drømsjel looks at ways of challenging ideas on individuality and the meaning of life, just at Nietzsche written works did.

Manipulating the human form, the artist gives people drowning, eyeless faces. He often uses floral imagery too, juxtaposing a disturbing yet beautiful state of being. Sometimes the experiences appear painful like in ‘How to Disappear Completely’ which features a girl seeping flowers from her eyes and mouth.

The vintage 20th century style images are edited with hand-drawn sketches and finalised digitally to create a surreal version of reality that tests our preconceived notions of existence.

Via Hi Fructose