Summit: Fascinating photographs of forgotten ski lifts during the warmer months

All images courtesy of the photographer. Via Creative Boom submission.

What happens to the humble ski lift when all the snow has gone? Does it just sit there, waiting for the ski season to return?

In his series Summit, Melbourne-based photographer Daniel Bushaway explores his own fascination with industry and infrastructure in the natural landscape, focusing on these permanent structures that lay unused for many months of the year.

Using large-format cameras and natural light, Daniel loves to explore and document a variety of infrastructures, systems and processes that "help to support the spectrum of industry". With this in mind, he hopes to give us the opportunity to evaluate the landscape from a different perspective.

If you love this type of work, Daniel's portfolio includes factories and abandoned opal mines, along with man-altered landscapes. He explains: "My predominant concern is nature altered through industry and I aim to observe, document and ultimately understand why we cultivate our environments in the way that we do."

Daniel studied Graphic Design and graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in London. He currently works as a full-time Design Director in Melbourne. Discover more of his beautiful work at

Via Booooooom