Stunning abstract photography that breaks down city architecture to its purest form

Fascinated by architecture, photography and mobile technology, Sebastian Weiss abstracts urban shapes and models a new uniqueness by underlining their clear forms and structures. Breaking the essence of a city down to the substance, he frees buildings from their spatial context and known surroundings.

Of course, we've featured the abstract photography of Weiss previously, enjoying the way he captures bold shapes and lines that play with light and shadow. In this latest series, he picks out white bricked buildings against a stunning backdrop of blue skies, which only seems to enhance the drama of his work.

Weiss was born in Germany and grew up by the Baltic Sea. Before moving to Hamburg, he studied constructional engineering at the Technical University of Dresden. During his later studies at the Electronic Business Institute of the University of the Arts in Berlin, he focused on technology and design. He worked as a designer for many well-established advertising and design agencies, including BBDO, Jung von Matt and Frog Design.

In September 2013, he became an official photo columnist at Architectural Digest, Germany – a Condé Nast publication. His work is also found in the annual edition “Best of Germany 2013” of AD Architectural Digest Germany. Sebastian is represented by Los Angeles-based Tappan Collective. To find out more, visit