Striking architectural photography that combines shadow play and strong lines

There's nothing that grabs our attention like some really lovely architecture, so when we saw these photographs by Sebastian Weiss we were immediately struck by the bold shapes and wonderful use of light and shadow.

Weiss was born in Germany and grew up by the Baltic Sea. Before moving to Hamburg, he studied constructional engineering at the Technical University of Dresden. During his later studies at the Electronic Business Institute of the University of the Arts in Berlin, he focused on technology and design. He worked as a designer for many well-established advertising and design agencies, including BBDO, Jung von Matt and Frog Design. In September 2013, he became an official photo columnist at Architectural Digest, Germany – a Condé Nast publication.

Weiss is particularly fascinated by the aesthetics of constructions, and the details of their shapes. In his eyes, every building has its own architectural language with a totally individual vocabulary. In all of these languages, Sebastian looks for the most beautiful letters and words. He abstracts urban shapes and underlines their clear forms and structures. By breaking the essence of a city down to the substance, he frees buildings from their spatial context and known surroundings.

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