Spectacularly lifelike ceramic busts by Mélanie Bourget require a double take

This series of sculptures by France-based sculptor Mélanie Bourget have characteristics so realistic, it's difficult to believe they are made from ceramic.

Focused solely on the human being, Bourget creates figurative sculptures "in a contemporary, yet a little offbeat style, oscillating between realism and fantasy." She subjects them to the raku technique, which originates in Japan.

Described by Bourget as, "Big busts of women with crazy hairstyles, mysterious and dreamy little characters are in a few words the poetic and fragile characters that live in her world," the work is intended to transmit an emotional response, with the cracks in the glaze opening up a window into the accuracy of the human soul. Discover more at www.melaniebourget.com.

Via Behance