Sizzling holiday scenes spark a little daydreaming

in Inspiration / Photography

As the heat continues to make Manchester sizzle (something I thought I'd never actually type, ever), I can't help but think about summer holidays and lying by a pool somewhere exotic. And forgive me for writing 'I can't help but think...', which is naturally inspired by watching too many episodes of Sex & The City when I was younger and lacked 'taste'. It's warm. And I'm struggling to think straight, let alone write. Anyway, back to the inspiration I'm about to share - and that's this beautiful photo shoot by JUCO, a photography studio ran by Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud. This particular project was shot for Lulu's on location at Weese's Pieces. Simply stunning work. Now I feel like asking Mr Cowan if we can go on 'that summer holiday' that we're not going on because we have to save money. Sigh. Maybe I'll get a paddling pool for the balcony...