Silvia Puff is bringing the cute into crypto art

Silvia Puff, or Silvia Casali, is an Italian artist based in London making "3D art and stuff". They've done work for Chanel, Ferrero and a whole host of TV channels, but this role call isn't that important to them. They're also never too proud of their work for too long.

"I always feel the next thing will be better," Silvia tells us, revealing they worked in motion design for over a decade until running out of passion for the field.

"There was no growth, no artistic expression, no responsibility, and no interesting projects that I could feel an integral part of. I started fuelled by passion, and quit when it became all about the money and jumping from job to job. I do not have the right character to work in offices and corporate environments, and it always ended a bit messy in most of the places I have worked in."

Silvia Puff crypto art

Silvia Puff crypto art

Silvia then took a two-year hiatus to rebuild some steam and get back into 3D by making characters in Blender. "This was always my passion. I got into animation solely because I could put characters in my works."

"Unfortunately, the right 'job' for me does not exist yet so basically what I am trying to do is to create that job for myself, throwing different things and see what sticks (and makes me happy) along the way."

It's why Puff is concentrating on personal work, for now, enjoying how it's the only way for them to "live a happy life and produce the best work I can during my existence."

"Money is a struggle sometimes, and the future is uncertain, of course. But I need to accept this instability because it's the price to pay to be honest with myself."

Silvia has a lot of grit and extra-firmly planted feet on the ground for someone who makes such boldly joyous and cutesy work. The label they use for such work is 'power kawaii', which makes an awful lot of sense.

"I guess my style originates from kawaii, but I like the idea of expanding/research on it. Kawaii has always been seen in the West as an inferior aesthetic, something not worthy of artistic consideration. Too 'simple', 'childish', and 'feminine/weak'. But I find it interesting and full of potential: the empathic properties of kawaii, the sweetness, softness and warmth have the power to create social propensity, stimulate a desire for protection and care, make us fighters, and to feel reassured."

"It brings up in us some of the most powerful and pure instinctual feelings, and helps us feel better and concentrate more intensively on a task." Hence power kawaii, a style which Silvia is now bringing into the realm of crypto art.

"Crypto is a new technology that can create a proof of ownership for a digital asset so that it can be bought and sold. I am not sure how it will evolve in the long term, but I have managed to sell my first piece for a promising amount of ETH."

Silvia believes crypto art could be a way for artists to do art full-time instead of as a hobby, thus increasing the quality of art in general.

"So far, all the quality art is branded because brands are the only ones paying for it. Crypto could give artists freedom of creating independently for the first time since digital art came to be."

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