Powerful portraits relive childhood and the enchantment of dressing up

With her five-year-old cousin as her muse, photographer Felicia Simion confronts the shift from childhood to adulthood in the powerful series ‘The Playground’. Simion’s cousin, Felix, adopted many different roles, including a young girl, dog, and an old man, becoming a constant reminder of youth and the enchantment of play.

Joining her cousin in his games, the photographer was able to return, temporarily, to the carefree moments of childhood, devoid of any of the responsibilities of being ‘grown up’. Simion adopted the role of storyteller, guiding Felix into acting as different people, in an alternate world. Whilst Felix lives in a small Romanian town, Simion grew up in a big city, but they both found a shared loved for the same games and adventures.

The project allowed the photographer to recall her own childhood, saying that it “offered me time to breathe and search for my true identity. The courtyard and its surroundings are now my playground again, the place where everything is possible once the sun rises and swallows up the fear of growing old with its nourishing light”.

Via Feature Shoot