Post-It Notes captured on a macro scale to create stunning abstract photographs

Canadian graphic designer and award-winning photographer Marianna Armata recently decided to set herself an interesting challenge: to create a series of abstract images using nothing but Post-It Notes and macro photography.

She told Bored Panda: "I spent a few weeks shooting yellow Post-It Notes on a macro scale. Trying very hard not to fall into the origami genre, I created compositions to highlight the paper itself rather than to use the pages to make something else."

Apparently, the lighting and setup was super simple, with the only difficulty being the limitations to her creativity. The results are certainly stunning, and we especially love the hint at landscapes or everyday objects – a very clever interpretation on what is otherwise a dull product.

Born in Poland, Marianna emigrated to Canada as a teenager, and graduated from Concordia University with a Magna Cum Laude honours in Fine Arts. She enjoys macro and conceptual work, and many of her shots are available via Getty Images. Discover more at 500px.

Via Bored Panda