Planting an Idea: A new take on flower photography from Jessamine Chen

Based in Sydney, Jessamine Chen first fell in love with photography when she was introduced to Henri Cartier-Bresson's work and an ex-boyfriend's camera. "Then a trip to Paris eight years ago encouraged me to think more about techniques and relationships with my subjects," she explains.

Chen's work has been exhibited at a number of Sydney art galleries, including Gaffa Gallery, and her latest series focuses on the concept of photographing flowers as if they were architecture.

"This concept was inspired by an interview I saw recently with the French director Benoît Jacquot," she explains. "He talked about wanting to make a sentimental thriller in which every love scene is filmed as if it were a crime scene (a reversal of the technique featured in many of Hitchcock films), so he made the film 3 Cœurs. This inspired me, in this photography series, to explore the concept of design through the prism of 'nature versus mankind'."