Pietro Seminelli, Master of Pleats, displays his textile creations at Yohji Yamamoto

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Architect by trade, Pietro Seminelli is a master of pleats, the only one to have implemented this Haute-Couture know-how into interior design. When applied in textiles, the fold becomes subtle and elegant and transforms a surface in volume.

Seminelli creates his own fabrics in order to control the characteristics of the pleating. He then works on these specific fabrics with a unique understanding to inscribe, line by line, the pattern of the pleats, with the rigour and precision of an architect.

The creations produced from this assembly of "weaving / pleating" are often compared to textile stained glass because of the appearance of transparency in his work with the natural light. The more opaque creations can be read as animal skins and organic textures.

Image credit: Jacques Boulay

Image credit: Jacques Boulay

Six textile works featuring different folding and weaving techniques will be presented as the “clothing” of fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto's boutique on Conduit Street during London Design Festival, establishing a dialogue that resonates with the current collections.

The textile works will be hung on wooden structures created for the occasion, inspired by Japanese kimono stands. They will occupy the store space, each being unique and carrying a different identity. You'll be able to go along and see for yourself at the Yohji Yamamoto boutique in London from 17-24 September 2016.

Via direct submission | Main image: Courtesy of Jacques Boulay