Photographer urges you to take another look at the homeless

Melbourne-based fine art photographer Damon Hunter has created Living Rough, a series where he combines his love of writing with his passion for candid street photography, photographing and interviewing individuals who are currently homeless and living on the street.

Damon gets their stories, including where they've come from, how they got to be where they are, and where they're going. The conversations are insightful, moving, often tragic and sometimes even a little bit humorous. Living Rough is a work in progress and Damon hopes to ultimately exhibit it to a wider audience in order to raise awareness for the homeless.

He explains: "My intention is to challenge the preconceived notions we have about people who are living rough. To show those individuals who pass by without giving them a second glance or thought - or perhaps do, but then move on and put the thought out of their mind - that they are no different from you or I; these individuals had and have dreams and aspirations, they have skills and talents, and their reasons for being where they are may surprise, shock and disturb you.

"Whenever possible I will not only post an image of a person who is living rough; when they are willing to tell it to me, I will also tell their story - or at least as much of it as they are willing to tell."

To discover the stories behind each of these photographs, visit Damon's Facebook Page.

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