Photographer relives important places throughout her grandfather’s life

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is hard. For French photographer Fiona Filipidis there was a need to rummage through her grandfather’s things in order to cope with the grief. Finding everything out about his life and his past was essential to fill in the gaps and feel closer to him. She documented her journey through all his roots, right back to his homeland in the Scottish Highlands.

The photography series is as bold in colour as it is in sentiment, showing things lost. It captures memories on film, gliding through places that were important in Filipidis’ grandfather’s life, but there is a sense of something missing in each image, a subtle hint at loss. His coat still hung up under the stairs and there was always a place set for him at the table. The photographs keep these memories alive and provide a way to fill in the absence of her grandfather.

Via direct submission