Photographer reaches dizzying heights with aerial views across LA and New York

In the same way that the dizzying heights of Navid Baraty’s photography and the beauty of Bruxelles5’s tulip fields photography sent our heads spinning, Jeffrey Milstein’s aerial photography across LA and New York is stunning. From an altitude of 1,000-2,000 feet, Milstein captures the symmetry, geometrical facets and shapes of the buildings and landmarks below.

Giving a unique viewpoint that uncovers typically unseen parts of architecture, the photographer lets us fully appreciate the complexity of the urban landscapes. It also serves to highlight the decline of green spaces within cities as the domineering skyscraper blocks and housing invades.

Milstein says: “I was interested in documenting the patterns, layering, and complexity of cities, highlighting airports, container ports, recreational facilities, and residential and commercial developments, all of which grow organically over time and are connected by roads and arterial highways like a living organism.

“In LA, the socio economics of neighbourhoods are evident in the colour hue and patterns of the aerial images. The hue shifts from browns toward greens and blues in the increasingly wealthy neighbourhoods which have more trees, pools, and tennis courts, and the roads become more curved.”

Via Design Boom