Photographer delves into the wealthy and mystical world of Romanian fortune-tellers

Romanian fortune-tellers bring to mind all sorts of stereotypes of the bohemian dark-haired girl in a long colourful skirt with piercing eyes. Slovakian photographer Lucia Sekerkova headed to Romania to dispel this myth by documenting the twisted and mystical world of fortune-telling in her ‘Vrăjitoare’ series.

Reading the future is a lucrative business in many places across Eastern Europe and despite the majority of Romanian people being Christian Orthodox, superstitions and beliefs are widely spread. Although the Bible condemns divination and other such arts, in Romania fortune-telling is a common profession.

The photographer found her various subjects through newspaper advertisements, delving into the underground world of wealth. Largely considered as good storytellers, all of the women appeal to the imagination with their exotic and unusual displays.

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