Overlapping fetishised artworks of women's bodies by Horyon Lee

London-based Korean artist Horyon Lee creates fetishised artworks of women's bodies, teasingly revealed through overlapping images of hyperrealism. Each of his female subjects are almost offering themselves to the viewer, exposing their femininity and accepting the voyeurism.

The artist explains: "First of all, while I gaze through a view finder at a part of a model’s body, or one with a hidden face, the model takes a positive pose towards the camera. Therefore, I intend to show an intertwined point of an agent, object and situation that is both looking at and being shown."

Part of an ongoing series titled Overlapping Images, the process behind Lee's work is quite fascinating. He first takes several photographs of his subjects, which are then composed together via Photoshop to create an image that can then be painted onto canvas. The result is an erotic body of work that leaves very little to the imagination.