One Street: Photographs that capture the perfect setting in cities around the world

When you explore a city at night, you're no doubt looking for that perfect setting. Where you can imagine sitting with friends, soaking up the atmosphere and watching the world go by. This is Manu Grinspan's ongoing mission with 1Street, a project where he seeks to find those perfect spots and photograph them.

Born in Belgium, Manu discovered his passion for street photography when he moved to Israel in 1996. His latest series brings together everything he has learnt to date. "Imagine you can only choose one street of each city in the world. Just one. One that attracts you the most. One that stands out from the others. One with its most dramatic and cinematic stories. One where its visitors are in perfect harmony with its light and shadow. For every city, I chose one street."

So far, Manu has captured the perfect subject, weather, mood and lighting on streets in Paris, Barcelona and Tel Aviv. Follow his progress on his website or Instagram.

All images courtesy of Manu Grinspan