Of Smoke and Gold creates dreamy underwater mystery

Of Smoke and Gold is the newest collection by artist Christy Lee Rogers that begs an explanation for the title piece with its mysterious faceless matador, animating a human skeleton swathed in red who joins her disparate cast of symbolic characters in their underwater dance; it’s in the shadows down below that one finds illumination from Rogers’ frieze of mankind’s most vulnerable points, bringing us back up to the surface with a message of strength - life, death and the pursuit of something more.

With titles like 'Vanity and Vexation', 'Grip of the Undertow' and 'Oppressed by Figures of Beauty' her combination of a Native American Indian, clown, French soldier, cowboy, African tribesman and human skeleton, propose complex ideas set in scenes outside of the bounds of history and geography, which, so released, unleash the boundless sensation of endless humanity.

Shot in Hawaii, during the night in local pools, Rogers’ works once again pushes the boundaries of what is possible with a photograph, while creating all of her effects in camera, on the spot. The collection will be released starting in November at Galeria de Art AFK in Lisbon, Portugal, The Miller Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio, and many other shows and art fairs for Rogers are confirmed in Paris, Angers, Brussels and London.