NYC launches colourful volunteering campaign

It can be hard to get people involved in volunteering, particularly as the 9-5 grind takes over, which is why NYC Service has just launched their ‘Good for you. Good for the city.’ campaign. Set up as a way of encouraging people to make a positive change and give something back, the campaign by New York City’s volunteering arm is fresh and colourful.

The team got creative with the eye-catching neon colour palette of their posters, street signage and apparel, using playful statements to grab the attention of New Yorkers. Citing all the great aspects of volunteering, each poster offers suggestions of ways to help the local community. There is even an accompanying app to go alongside the campaign so that opportunities are easier to find and fit around a busy schedule.

New Yorkers can sign up to volunteer at

Via Behance

NYC SERVICES CASE STUDY from Sid Lee on Vimeo.