Negative: Photo negatives that are transformed into beautiful dark artworks

Do you remember the days of waiting in anticipation for your holiday photos? Walking out of your local chemist with a thick envelope of developed pictures, waiting to be pored over for the first time? I fondly remember taking out the negatives and holding them up to the light, just to see if I could make out who or what was in each one.

I miss those days, and I know they can still exist if I want them to. But in the meantime, I've discovered the work of Hungarian graphic designer Dániel Taylor – aka One Man Workshop – who shares a love of negatives as much as I do. He loves to turn a portrait photograph into something you'd expect to see from that black reel of film, all those years ago – adding just a splash of colour and interest to really make the image pop.

He explained: "In this series I was concentrating on how people would look with light working the other way around. So what we normally see as dark would appear bright and what usually is light would be dark. As a bonus, I also added colours of space (I love the palette of the galaxy) and in some cases animals to make these pictures look more interesting."

Based in Budapest, Taylor specialises in watercolour paintings and double expositions. You can discover more about him on Facebook or follow him on Instagram. You can even check out his online shop where you can purchase prints from this Negative series.