Models painted in a vibrant camouflage of psychedelic fluorescent colours

Miami-based photographer Alex Markow is passionate about experimenting with new things, but keeps people at the heart of his work. His collection Lost in Infinity Split magnificently camouflages painted models within a fluorescent art background, to create mesmerising psychedelic pictures.

The bodies of the models are intricately painted and arranged amongst the work of artist Magnus Sodamin, whose immersive art installation, Infinity Split, covers 3,000 square feet of gallery wall and floor space at Miami’s Primary Projects building.

Dark base colours of black and deep purple are mixed with a frenzied splattering of fluorescent paint across the canvas and the women, causing some body parts to blend in with the dramatic backdrop whilst other features pop out at the viewer, or emerge slowly from the dark as the eye adjusts to the spectacle.

Markow admits that the collection "might be compared to an acid trip" as the models seemingly submerge in and withdraw out of the almost galaxy-like artwork beneath them.

All images credit Alex Markow.
Via Design Boom