Mike Harman

Mike Harman is a graduate of the HSAD Illustration BA, and packed all three years of the degree into just two - still leaving with a tip top grade. As a young man he won a Blue Peter badge for a poster design for National Science Week. Winning another competition for poster design which meant he got to meet TV's 'The Gladiators.' Shadow told him to 'Be cool-stay in school' and those sage words have stayed with him since, as he sees everyday as a chance to learn, improve upon and adapt his work. Also to bring in experiences soaked up from 28 years of good old fashioned hard living.

In Mike's work, he aims to make you smile, laugh and feel drawn into an imaginative world. His previous work has been Exhibited as part of Children's Book Week at the Artlink in Hull. He has also been exhibited in the Ferens Gallery in his home town and Beverley Art Gallery. His darkly humorous art, is ever expanding into new areas like tattoo design, wood sculpture, guitar modification and web design. He has produced personal commissions on canvas, as body Art, and had experience in packaging design for Humbrol, and made artwork for ASDA. He regularly contributes to online comics such as Bea.AD as well as 'just for fun' side projects with other local artists at DoomedPatrol. There is no creative project he wouldn't consider or discuss.

You can find him on the many places, as he Tweets and he Blogs.