Mark Reihill

Digital illustrator Mark Reihill began his career with a Belfast-based advertising company. Seeking to utilise his abilities in a more fulfilling way he left to pursue a career as a freelance artist. This transition allowed him to work with a diverse clientele - Coca-Cola, HSBC, Makita, McVitie's, Jacob's, AU Magazine - on an eclectic range of projects, from corporate rebranding to record covers, which have broadened his skills palette and added to his ever-burgeoning portfolio.

The roots of the artist's other great passion, music, are explored in work which traverses the worlds of sight and sound, charting a journey through both a musical and artistic spectrum. From early Pop icons to contemporary Rock legends and home-grown heroes, his creations strike a note of authenticity. Refusing to be constrained by style or medium, Mark's work pushes the boundaries of his artistic and software skills, displaying both his versatility and the sheer enthusiasm he brings to every project.

Rendered in his own inimitable, digital design language, Mark's work is fluent and intoxicating, teasing out the individuality of his subjects, each piece possessed of the charismatic energy that has become a signature of the artist. View more of Mark's work here.