Mankichi Shinshi exposes fragments of life through his instinct-based photography

Self-taught Japanese street photographer Mankichi Shinshi began working with a camera in 2013.

He's since become renowned for shooting banal, everyday scenes, but from a unique perspective. He achieves this by only pushing the shutter button when he "feels something", and his work aims to affirm both the fragmentary nature of the world and that of his own life.

His latest project 'Predetermined Journey' is about how once his travel photos are posted online, they no longer feel like his own work. "Perhaps, it's not me who is travelling, but the scenes," he muses. "Like a honeybee is used as a means of pollination of plants without knowing, the photographer may only be a carrier of scenes travelling along a predetermined journey."

The photos in this particular series were taken in South Asia from 2017 to 2018, but he looks at them now with a sense that he was being "manipulated by someone" into shooting them at the time. "I will continue to travel while doubting the true identity of the scenes that are evolving with human intervention," he says.