Love Halloween? You'll adore these master pumpkin carvers and their amazing creations

Oh my goodness me. If you love Halloween and the darker nights and colder days as much as I do - then you're going to love discovering this fine art studio over in wonderful America. Known as Villafane, with Ray Villafane being the master pumpkin sculptor behind the company, they love to transform the orange vegetables into amazing sculptural displays of all kinds of hideous creatures. In this case, you can see Villafane has created zombies - from my favourite ever horror film genre. Hey! Don't judge me. I've got my own zombie apocalypse survival plan don't you know. I'm obsessed. Anyway, this particular zombie is a life-size, six-foot tall standing undead with its insides oozing out. Nice.

But as we approach my favourite time of year, and we all plan our Halloween costumes, you can certainly expect more pumpkin carved goodness from Ray and his team at Villafane. The artist, a two time winner of the Food Network's Outrageous Pumpkins challenge show, continues to wow and impress with his incredibly original designs.

In 2012, the team—including Ray Villafane, Andy Bergholtz, Trevor Grove, Chris Vierra and Alfred Parades—created gruesome and gross sculptures, including a portrait of Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins from the movie Dark Shadows. Goodness knows what they've got in store this year, but I can hardly wait! Find out more over at