Losing Childhood documents the confined lives of children in the overpopulated Dhaka

In the powerful series ‘Losing Childhood’ Dhaka-based photographer K.M. Asad explored the slums of Dhaka and the area’s overpopulation issue. Seen through the eyes of the children living there, the photographs show how stifling the area has become, stripping away playgrounds, gardens and open areas to make room for more people.

Asad states that Dhaka holds nearly 15 million people within its 1,528 square kilometre radius, meaning that many people are forced to make homes for themselves. People flock to the city in the wake of environmental devastations or for work yet it is hardly an ideal alternative.

The photographs of the children there are shocking, giving an eye-opening look at how, even in spite of the millions of people, these children largely lead solitary lives with no space to play, as they try to remain inconspicuous.

Via Feature Shoot