London given a hilarious makeover with cartoon characters and faces

Manipulating typical scenes and iconic architecture, Parisian artist and illustrator Sandrine Boulet adds a playful touch to the London landscape. Using a mix of photography and illustration, Boulet portrays a very different view of the city, as seen through her eyes, with inanimate objects taking on a life and character of their own.

The self-proclaimed “hallucinartist” captures her wild imagination with simple graphic overlays, so that Big Ben becomes a scene from Alice in Wonder(London)land, skyscrapers are transformed into caped superheroes watching over the city, and streetlamps don their best Mary Poppins outfit.

Offering a fresh perspective of everyday, familiar scenes, ‘Londonvisions’ injects fun back into the city, switching the boring daily commute into something quite amusing. Find more of the artist’s hilarious street scenes on her website.

Via Fast Code Design