Landscape photography at its best in Karwendel

I'm a city girl. It's taken me some years to discover that. But I am. After an idyllic childhood in a safe and quiet suburban home, running around the surrounding fields with friends, climbing trees and playing ball games until it got dark and it was time for bed, I now love the buzz, excitement and variety that city life brings. But sometimes, even Manchester can become too much. I need an escape. I need to climb a big hill, take in a lungful of fresh air, put my hands on my hips and observe a beautiful, countryside view. This is what makes me feel good to be alive. These landscape shots by German photographer Johannes Heuckeroth cause the same effect. They make me want to visit Karwendel on the border of Austria and Germany where these pictures were taken. Just beautiful. I might have to finally visit Germany. It's been on the list for some time.