ÉLAN by Christy Lee Rogers

We first featured the underwater work of Hawaiian artist Christy Lee Rogers last year, and now she returns with a new body of work entitled ÉLAN. The stunning images walk the fine line between separating light and dark, colour and minimalism. Rogers is best known for her ability to execute advanced techniques – she is revered by painters for her ability to create chiaroscuro lighting, a contrast between light and dark, used to great effect by the late Renaissance master Caravaggio.

Rogers applies her inventive technique to an array of bodies submerged in water at night, and creates her effects using only the natural refraction of light. No camera trickery or special effects are used whatsoever – merely the artists' uncanny eye and a thorough amount of experimentation. Throughout her career Rogers has made it a point to celebrate humankind's vigor and warmth, by creating a dialogue about the beauty, vulnerability and tragic experience that is the human condition.

ÉLAN, along with over 35 works will be presented in a solo retrospective exhibit from September 18 at the Grand Théâtre d’Angers of the Angers Nantes Opéra House in France. The images depict otherworldly underwater scenes culled from five of her previous collections.

The exhibition runs from 19 September - 20 November, 2014. See here for more information.