Konichiwa says Laura Manfre

in Inspiration / Illustration

And so the Japanese obsession continues... Why have none of you complained yet? Surely, you're at that stage where you roll your eyes and say out loud 'Katy, enough with Japan already!' But then I know you're a kind, supportive audience and are also very happy to let me carry on. You've put up with me for this long, so I'm confident I can get away with it!

So here are some gorgeous illustrations by Laura Manfre - a self-taught illustrator from France. All containing a little taste of one of my favourite places in the world. From sushi and sweets to the very people who make Japan ultimately unique and wonderful. How did I discover her? She shared something on Twitter @laura_manfre just a moment ago. I was having a nose at my home feed and saw 'New post with new illustration...' so thought I'd take a look. And I'm delighted I did. Thanks Laura!