Kaleidoscopic poster series for Microsoft combines bold colour with strong geometric lines

in Inspiration / Graphic Design

When it comes to design trends, it's easy to see why geometrics have remained popular for so long. Paried with a colour palette of bright and bold shades, it's an aesthetical dream.

For his latest work, for client Microsoft, Berlin-based, freelance graphic designer, Stephen Kelleher has utilised this trend beautifully. Focusing on visual problem-solving and graphic ideation, he aims to create clear and effective communications.

Kelleher explains: "For many years, Microsoft has invested heavily in the research and development of quantum computing. They believe their approach will be the breakthrough needed to realise and harness the immense power of a working quantum computer.

"Microsoft sought to visually interpret not only the technical subject matter but also their unique approach to the challenges involved.

"This required the reduction of an extremely complex subject to a simple representational language, easily understandable to a lay man. Based on creating an analogous visual language for the precise nature of mathematics, the use of perfect gridded geometry seemed natural.

"Ultimately I designed a visual system for the key terms involved, several posters highlighting Microsoft’s undertaking and an explainer animation to describe the journey Microsoft is taking to improve our world through quantum computing."

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