Jean-Baptiste Courtier's cinematic vintage images of women in Dior and Prada

Via direct submission. All images courtesy of Jean-Baptiste Courtier

French photographer Jean-Baptiste Courtier continues to create fantasy typical of his renowned style with his latest shoot Cine-Reve, created for Madame Figaro's Mode magazine.

Taking influence from the world of film and music, Jean-Baptiste brings elements of each genre into this fashion story working with brands such as Dior, Gucci and Prada.

With the support of stylist Sophie Michaud, the collaboration was inspired by the use of colour throughout Michaud's portfolio, and how this fitted with the film style that Courtier set out to mimic. Using projection techniques, reminiscent of early movie processes, Jean-Baptiste created each individual scene entirely in-camera.

"I like to juxtapose oddball moments with the mundane — and most of these oddball moments do involve performance artists," explains Jean-Baptiste. Discover more on