Is this the last glimpse of summer?

in Inspiration / Photography

Admit it! You're loving this gorgeous, warm weather we're having here in the UK. Especially when you can escape work and enjoy drinks, sitting outside in the sunshine. But the sleepless and unbearably humid nights are making you cranky. You're fed up with drying your armpits under the office bathroom's hand dryer. And you've pretty much worn your entire summer wardrobe, 10 times over and you're craving for some cooler days. Let's face it! We moan when the sun shines, and we long for autumn. But before you nod your head in agreement, consider how truly wonderful this time of year is. Because, as this beautiful fashion photography shows - it could be the last glimpse of summer. Shot by the very talented Joanna Kustra, styled by Susanne Iseli and Allegra Mirata, using model Ella from Lenis Model Management and not forgetting photo assistant Monika Tame. I love the vivid, warm colours. It makes me want to run through a field barefoot and create a flower garland. Well, maybe that's pushing it...