Incredible giant moss costumes walk the Spanish streets for traditional festival

In the same way that we couldn’t believe our eyes with the wearable batman suit made from tree bark, the costumes of the ‘Moss Men’ are just as incredible and surreal. Inspired by television images of a Corpus Christi procession in Spain for the festival ‘El Hombre de Musgo’, photographer David Vintiner and art director Gemma Fletcher were keen to document the renowned ‘Moss Men’ celebration.

The green-fingered duo set about stylising the giant moss suits, delving into a peculiar Spanish tradition in the small town of Béjar. The artists tell the story behind the festival, saying: “The Christian population reconquered the town from the ‘Moros’ by completely covering themselves in moss. Camouflaged, they crawled through the surrounding landscape unseen by the lookouts on the city walls. When they finally got close to the city gates their sudden, horrific appearance surprised the guards.”

Via Ignant