Incredible blown glass sculptures fashioned to look like ocean waves

If you've got a soft spot for glass sculptures, and you've enjoyed discovering the works of Californian-based creative duo Paul DeSomma and Marsha Blaker and Illinois artist Carmen Lozar, then this next offering will be of interest.

New York-born artist Rick Eggert, who now resides in Palm Beach County, Florida, creates a whole host of interesting glass sculptures, mainly surrounding the theme of nature. He often groups his work into different categories. In this case, the series is entitled 'Waves'.

Eggert began his craft in 1992 and received his BFA in Glass Sculpture from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He's now creative director at the Benzaiten Center for Creative Arts in Lake Worth – a glassworks studio that offers classes, studio rentals, workshops, and casting, as well as a future metal works studio opening soon. Discover more at

Via MyModernMet