Honest photography series captures the details of a couple's adventure in Tokyo

The beauty of travel photography is that many sides of a destination can be captured in many different ways, by many different people. Take this photography series for example. When Nina Geometrieva and Damjan Cvetkov Dimitrov visited Tokyo recently, they captured on film the finer details that made their trip unique.

In the series, the duo share their experience of a capsule hotel, where the building's exterior "perfectly matches" its interior. They describe their feelings of "dread and discomfort", thanks to the constantly moving capsule compartments. Damjan rather beautifully describes the photograph of Nina gazing out of a circular window: "Nina was exactly where she was born to be. That fuzzy warm sweater returned along with her. It was a very thoughtful gift given 13 years ago to my grandmother by a Japanese friend of hers. Now they were both home. I couldn’t unstick her face from that window, and I couldn’t blame her much.

"It just looks damn chaotic from here. Like someone spilled an entire bag of buildings all over. Although when you zoom in, when you walk to all the specific buildings, you see it’s perfectly maintained and smells like a big city with a hint of fresh electronics."